May 3 • 23M

Revisited: What is the Metaverse For? (and Other Unasked Questions)

Notes, Thoughts and Revisions

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Revisited: exploring essays from the Theofuturism catalog.
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Hello there, my friends. The worst of internet culture demands ceaseless accumulation and consumption, but looking back can be even more valuable. Every so often, I’ll be selecting one of our older Manifestos, reading it over and discussing with you my thoughts as they’ve developed. I’m sure I’ll have corrections to make, new things that I’ve learned and extra bits and pieces to share. A sort of Author’s Cut for the Manifesto, if you’ll pardon the extreme self-indulgence.

Listen to Revisited this time for: extreme Metaverse bearishness, possible Metaverse bullishness, and the Overworld.