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"The vapid superstar’s meaningless wealth would and should have no effect on you; if you did not harbor deep desire to possess it. The idiocy and mendacity of Their Politicians would mean less than nothing to you unless your unchallenged belief in your own capacity to rule had not swollen dangerously. The problem is yours."

I've been trying to find ways of putting this truth to words for a long time. "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention" is now completely wrong: if you're angry, you're probably not paying attention. At the very least you're refusing to accept the conditions of humanity that do not comport to your ideal of them. Many a ranting friend has revealed to me that they should never, ever be given political power, even as they rant about people who have political power and shouldn't either.

I found this often was the case for artists and filmmakers to: the industry and economics of it all are completely unfair, but many are angry at the system merely because it was not unfair in their favor.

Anyway, having struggled with anger my whole life, I have learned a lot about how to manage it, and from that management I have indeed gained a relationship to "holy anger," but have also learned to recognize its co-incidence with useful moments of release is in fact vanishingly rare, when you've sought to build foundations for yourself so as to to stride forth without fear. Anger is a desperate measure.

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